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Autumn Splendor

Length 48:20.

Experience the beauty and color of fall, filmed on location in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

Delight in the vibrant autumn scenery showcasing the breathtaking colors of New England’s magical forests, soothing streams and rolling hillsides. Filmed in High Definition.


Delight in the poignant Eastern autumn, as leaves of summer are touched by frost and strike riotous colors to calico the land.


Surrender with the falling leaves as they dance to the ground, becoming a crazy quilt of chaos and beauty.


Shiver as a morning mist breathes through the forest and lies ghostly on a placid lake where geese float scattered like broken beads.

New Hampshire

Hear the gentle voice of water cascading down layered rock, where surrendered leaves swirl on the surface and are caught trembling on lips of glistening rock.