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The Four Seasons

Length 58:09.

Sit back and relax as you enjoy the sights and the scenes that bring you the colors and moods of the Four Seasons .

Filmed throughout the world, nothing brings a sense of the great outdoors more than witnessing the seasons in all of their glory. Breathtaking Fall rich with the ripe fruit of the vine, Spring glory set to wildflowers, Winter’s Wonder abounds in the snowy mountains and Summer glistens against bright skied landscapes.

Springtime Meadows

Discover the tranquility of a colorful springtime meadow in Bear Valley California. Wild flowers bloom in fresh breezes and bright blue skies.

Summer in the Mountains

Summertime in the Rocky Mountains shimmers with pristine mountain lakes and streams surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks.

Wine Country Fall

Experience the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, California in the fall, with its colorful red and yellow vines laden with ripening grapes. Morning foggy mists swirl over the fields and a golden harvest moon rises in the evening.

Sierra Mountain Winter

A winter wonderland of snow covered trees glisten as the sun emerges on a cold winter morning in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.