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World’s Most Beautiful Mountains


World’s most majestic peaks with spectacular footage of remote locations including Patagonia, the Alps of Switzerland and Austria, the Himalayas, the Rockies, Yosemite Valley and the peaks of New Zealand.

Enjoy the inspiring beauty of the world’s most majestic peaks, filmed in full high definition. Experience the windswept reaches of remote Patagonia, the beauty of the Grand Tetons, the Alps of Switzerland and Austria, the Himalayas, the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite Valley, and the amazing, lush peaks of New Zealand.


Mountains of mythical proportions grace the windswept reaches of Patagonia. Rugged and ravaged by eons of wind, rain, and cold, these peaks capture the essence of beauty.

Rocky Mountains

As if dividing the world in two, the Colorado Rocky Mountains rise from farmlands to the East and desert to the West. This alluring mountain range calls to the remote dreamer in each of us. Enjoy the stunning scenery of this alluring mountain range, with peaceful meadows, pristine lakes, and snowcapped peaks.

New Zealand

New Zealand shimmers in reverence to the mountain peaks adorning these islands. Verdant, lush landscapes flow down the lofty heights to the sparkling seas below. Escape to the lush & beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.