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Welcome to NatureVision TV. We’ve just redesigned the site with new features. The look and feel has changed and we’ve included previews of many of our programs. You can now enjoy a segment of each of the hour-long videos to see the beauty of nature in locations around the world.

From Destinations like the Seychelles Islands, Patagonia, Africa, Bali, Costa Rico, Hawaii and Europe you’ll be transported to the most beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, seashores, oceans, waterfalls, sacred canyons and seasonal landscapes in the world. And more programs are coming soon!

In fact, we’re in Alaska filming right now. I will be blogging about that trip as we travel. In addition to the shear beauty of this fascinating state of Alaska we’ll getting footage of bears, salmon, birds, moose, glaciers, whales, orcas and more!

We hope you find endless uses for these videos as you relax, entertain, learn and beautify your web enabled TVs, pads and hand-held devices of every kind!

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Early June in Denali Park Alaska

Some ancient part of me needs to reaffirm that I am wild. That I need the open country, raw and magnificent, to heal my soul. This is at least our sixth time filming in Alaska. In our early years we went to make flyfishing instructional videos. We were flying to new locations every day thanks to the lodges that were putting us up and getting a promotional video out of the deal. The state of Alaska is incredible. We were seeing it from the ground, the air and underwater as we had created a housing for our early big cameras that could catch the huge schools of salmon migrating to their spawning grounds and then to their deaths. It’s early Summer 2013. Headed out from Anchorage in our minivan we see six moose before we even get into Denali park. They seem to be everywhere along the main highway North. There are young bulls with small horns, young females, mommas with babies, sometimes twins and one big bull moose right by the side of the road, munching sweet willow leaves and not carrying one bit that we are within eight feet of him (in our protective minivan of course). We arrive in the evening on a beautiful, clear June day to a very funky hotel, right on the river, with a lot of mosquitoes. These are the only mosquitoes we had to contend with the whole trip but I had them in my mouth, under my clothes and at one point I swear there were more in our minivan than outside. Opening all of the windows and driving fast sort of worked but driving fast around the Denali area is tricky – animals cross the roads at any time! Michael and I went into the park on the 5:30 am bus – that’s the earliest one you can go in on, I believe. We’ve been into the park on past trips, multiple times, but we had never seen the mountain, the famed Mount McKinley. The visitor information says that only about 20% of all visitors see the mountain. That’s because it is usually cloudy. The weather had been beautifully clear and very hot for the last four weeks and so, on this day, we have clear skies all day long. The mountain is exquisite. We feel blessed. And the amazing thing was that the snow had only melted on the road, making it passable by bus, two weeks before. What a land of contrasts. We saw five big, brown bear that day. Four of them were two breeding pairs. In each of the pair the female was a blond! Very blond, and the males were darker with one of them being a very dark chocolate color. Again, the contrast nature can take is breathtaking. Our bus driver/naturalist told us that most often the females are very light colored and the males are much darker. These two pair were magnificent together. In each pair the female and male would weave apart and then back together as they sniffed and searched the ground for small animal burrows. They never got very far from each other, weaving back and forth – apart and then together as if keep within easy reach and smell of each other. We watched and filmed for a long time as they meandered over the moraine and river bed. Unfortunately we weren’t very close to them so the video isn’t as perfect as we would have liked. But… Later in the day we encounter a beautiful, big, blond single female grizzly as she is sauntering up a hill side very close to our bus. She is incredible. Our bus driver is wise. He thinks he knows where she’ll actually cross the road in front of us so he pulls a ways up the road and stops the bus, turns off the engine and we wait. She ambles and weaves and disappears behind bushes and re-emerges and pretty soon her she comes, right for us! Watching her walking you can tell she is listening for small animals under the ground and taking in the subtle smells. The ground squirrels are large in Denali and help fill up the bellies of not only bears but wolves and foxes too. She is so big and fluffy with dark under-sides and bowed legs, toes turned in, as she heads up the slope towards the bus. Then she stops and begins to roll in the grass, her legs in the air, as she scratches her itches and picks up the scents of the ground in her fur. She seems to be in ecstasy, with all four paws in the air, rolling, scratching and lolling from side to side. Michael is videotaping the whole time. He hangs out the open front door of the bus and and is within five feet of her as she crosses right in front of the bus, getting every bit of this great experience on high definition video! What an experience!

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